Thassos was first inhabited during the Neolithic period by the Phoenicians. According to legend, in search for their leader’s, Cadmus, sister, Europa, whom Zeus had kidnapped, having fallen madly in love with, disguised as a white bull, they were founding cities in every place they were passing.
Later, on the island settled Thracians, who gained power by exploiting the wealth of the local mines. These mines intrigued the interest of Ionians of Paros island, who occupied the island of Thassos in the early 7th century BC. The great Parian poet Archilochus took part in this campaign, who even wrote a relevant poem.

The picturesque natural beauty of the gulf where Potos is situated, (at the beginning a small fishing village that at the seventies and eighties developed rapidly into a tourist resort), the vastness of its sandy beach, the charm of the light blue sea along with the discreet night life for all tastes, compose the unique character of this cosmopolitan destination.

The distances from most interesting locations of Thassos are relatively small in order to combine your summer holiday with visits to historic sites and other locations that are famous for their landscapes. Aliki, the monastery of Archangel Michael, the natural pool of Gkiola and dozens of beaches for all tastes are situated a few kilometers away from "Pension Ageri".